In shocking news, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton were spotted kissing each other once again, which sparked a ton of rumors. ET actually shared photos of the two together, and it doesn't look like they are just friends who met up with each other randomly. They were spotted in Los Angeles, and the two are kissing. Amanda even has one foot up in the air like it was a pretty darn good kiss.

What is going on with these two?

Another picture shows Josh and Amanda walking with his arm wrapped around her and she is holding his hand. They are all smiles and seem happy to be spending time together.

Nobody looks upset at all. Not long ago, Josh and Amanda split, and she stayed in California, but Josh moved back to Atlanta. Before the holidays, Amanda finally admitted that they were split saying, "I actually haven’t talked about it yet, because it’s been a little hard. I haven’t really, you know, thought about what to say, but yeah, we did break up. It’s sad.” They took a while to share with fans that they were over, but they called off their engagement. Right now, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are the only couple from last year's "Bachelor in Paradise" that are still together. They seem to be doing great unlike the other couples.

Not long ago, Josh Murray spoke out about how he really missed Amanda's daughters.

They got very close while they were dating and Josh was living with them. He even mentioned that he hoped to see Charlie while he was going to be in California, but he didn't say a word about seeing Amanda. It looks like he reunited with her, but no pictures have been shown of Josh with Amanda's daughters just yet. If they are back together, then they aren't ready to share the details with fans just yet.

Everyone wants to know what is going on with them, though.

Do you think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are back together once again? Do you think that they should try to make it work? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Nick Viall as "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC.