Season 12 of “The Voice” is underway and as exciting as ever, with great auditions and performances by some really talented people. Regulars Blake Shelton and Adam Levine continue to prank one another with fun jabs and wit as always, making for some humorous entertainment. Despite their antics, it is no secret that these stars are really great friends. Alicia Keys rejoined the team from last year, along with Gwen Stefani returning after a short absence. The four stars make a great team, which includes our new dating couple, Blake and Gwen. It will be fun to follow their path while cheering on talented people with great performances.

Gwen Stefani claims she didn’t know Blake until 'The Voice'

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani look like a fun couple when seen on “The Voice, ” but Gwen claims that she did not know much about Blake prior to the show. Ms. Stefani returned to the show for Season 12 after a two-season break, replacing last year’s Miley Cyrus. After getting acquainted with the country star, the No Doubt singer constantly brags about her new beau. On a recent television appearance with Seth Meyers, Stefani told the world that she did not even know Blake before “The Voice, ” but now she is his biggest fan. She claims that now she knows all of his music. “I love Blake,” she stated, also stating that he is the most incredible guy she knows.

Shelton and Stefani compete for 'The Voice' title

Although the couple is tight with one another, they are still both competing for the title of "The Voice." The No Doubt singer has no fears about the country star’s winning streak on the show, stating that she’s ready to give him a good fight. Gwen says that Alicia Keys seems to be the one to beat this year.

It is going to be an intense season this year and Keys is great at pitching herself to encourage artists to join her team. Season 12 has some magnificent, talented singers auditioning on the show and it will be exciting to see which artist and coach will take the title. With such great rapport amidst all the coaches, the show promises to be entertaining and fun.