Hey, "This Is Us" fans. We've got a new set of spoiler scoops for you guys, straight from the nice NBC folks. These will be in reference to the upcoming episode 15 of season 1. They sound like lots of drama will be presented as Kevin is being a worry wort about the big premiere of his play. Things don't go as planned for Jack and Rebecca's big Valentine's Day festivities. Randall will also be struggling with a couple of heavy issues, and more.

"Jack Pearson's Son" is what they called it

They decided to go ahead and call this episode: "Jack Pearson's Son," so that sounds interesting.

According to the official synopsis, we're going to see Kevin, really be feeling some heavy stress, because his play is about to premiere and he just doesn't know what to do with himself. However, in an interesting turn of events, we're going to see him get some new support from a shocking source at some point. They didn't reveal who this mystery source is, so that'll remain a secret until the show airs. It should be interesting to see who that turns out to be.

Randall gets weighed down

Next, we learn that Randall is really going to be feeling quite a bit of pressure as of late, and that it'll be due to some issues going on at his place of work and with his father that is suffering from ailing health.

Will Randall be able to get past these issues and overcome the pressure? Or will he let it totally overwhelm him? These will be some very important questions for this situation.

Valentine's day problems

Now, we've got some Rebecca and Jack issues to discuss in this next storyline teaser. Apparently, these two will have some big plans that they wanted to carry out for Valentine's day, but unfortunately, things aren't going to work out the way they want them to.

They didn't elaborate on what exactly goes wrong, so it looks like we'll have to wait for the show to air to see what happens with that, unless the new promo clip that usually gets released right after each episode airs, gives something away.

The hiding is over

Finally, we've got this last reveal that involves Kate and Toby.

Apparently, these two have some secrets that they've been hiding. Well, after this episode, they will no longer be hidden, because they tell us that they're both going to find out about each other's secrets. So, that certainly sounds like that will give us a very interesting scene to look forward to. The new 15th installment is officially set to show up next Tuesday night, February 14th, 2017 at 8pm central time. Stay tuned.