Ok, so we got some new, official spoilery details for NBC's latest installment of their hit drama, "Chicago Fire." This one is for the new episode 13 of season 5. It sounds like we're going to see some heavy drama go down after Boden does something that makes Chief Anderson feel like his authority has been undermined. We'll also see Severide, contemplate something that could really turn out to be a huge game changer in his life, and more!

The decision that sets it off

They also revealed a title for this one, which is labeled: "Trading In Scuttlebutt." According to their official press release description, the Firehouse is going to get called to help out with a really dangerous accident that has gone down.

During this time, Chief Boden is going to get caught up in a situation where he has to make a very swift, heat-of-the-moment decision, which just so happens to override some previous orders that Chief Anderson had laid out.

Anderson raises hell

This choice of actions is going to make Anderson feel quite salty, since it makes him feel like his reputation and authority was damaged in some type of way. So, he will react by totally making Boden and his whole Firehouse 51 crew feel the heat of his wrath. They didn't mention exactly what Anderson will do. So, for right now, we just know that whatever he ends up doing, is not going to make Boden and company feel happy at all. They actually say he makes them feel very miserable!

They also made sure to mention this part of the synopsis in all-caps, so we should be seeing a lot of focus get directed towards this particular situation.

This could be huge

Next, we learn that Severide is going to be really busy, dealing with something that's quite serious as they tell us that whatever it is, will end up causing a very life-changing situation, depending on what he decides to do.

Unfortunately, they didn't go into detail about what this decision could be, so that'll be a big question for this scenario.

Herrmann plays nice

They also mention some Herrmann stuff. Apparently, he's going to be on his best behavior as he is going to pull out a very good deed at some point. Then finally, we've got this last teaser that talks about what Brett will be up to.

It turns out that she'll be pretty busy too, attempting to do some things in her personal life that will bring about some great changes. Be sure to look for this new episode 13 to air next Tuesday night, February 14th,2017 at 9pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.