Hey, "Legends Of Tomorrow" peeps. It's time to go over a couple of new spoiler scoops for the upcoming episode 12 of season 2. The CW was very kind enough to serve up some very interesting storyline spoiler teasers for this one. We've got the Legends, continuing to try to locate the Spear of Destiny before the evil Legion of Doom can get their nasty hands on it. Stargirl shows up on the scene, at one point, to protect her piece of the Spear. We'll also be seeing some action from the legendary Knights of the Round Table, and more!

Avoid the Doom

Their official press release has also let us know that the producers, decided to name this installment: "Camelot/3000," which is quite fitting since we see a lot of Camelot themed events, taking place in this one.

According to the official synopsis, we're going to see the legends continue to carry out their major quest to track down the Spear of Destiny before its pieces can land in the hands of the evil Legion of Doom.

Next, we learn that the Legends are going to find out that each of the Spear's pieces are actually being guarded by different members of the JSA that are located in different time periods, so they are going to have to visit each one of these time periods and members in an effort to find each piece.

It's time for Camelot and Stargirl

They are going to go ahead and a make a pit stop in the future to get things started. There, they will pay Dr. Mid-Nite (played by guest star: Kwesi Ameyaw) a visit, and this will eventually cause them to head way back to the past to visit King Arthur's Camelot.

And it is ,here, where we'll see that Stargirl (played by guest star: Sarah Grey) is busy, protecting her piece of the all-important Spear.

Keep Rip away from it

Next, in this last teaser reveal, we find out that the now-evil Rip Hunter is going to be wanting to get his hands on the Spear, so the Legends will have to join forces with the legendary Knights of the Round Table in an effort to make sure the Spear shard is fully protected from anything that Rip tries to pull off.

Will the team be able to stop Rip from getting his hands on it? Or will he outsmart them? These are two interesting questions for this particular plotline.

Not until February 21st

Alright, guys. That's going to wrap up the episode 12 spoiler scoops. We do have some production credits to mention. Antonio Negret directed this thing, while Anderson MacKenzie wrote up the script.

We also need to let you know that CW won't be airing this episode next Tuesday night. They're actually skipping a week for some reason, so you'll need to look for it to air on Tuesday night, February 21st, 2017 at 8pm central time. Stay tuned.