Happy Saturday guys. We're just rolling in to give you this new promo/spoiler clip (below) that we were able to track down for the upcoming "This Is Us" new episode 13 of the current season 1. It features some very interesting stuff as William thinks he can live out a dream of his before he bites the dust. Then we've got Kevin, getting advice from Toby to go win the woman that he wants, back, and more!

He's feeling quite well

In the new clip, we get a new glimpse at William, looking very energetic, claiming to Randall and Beth that he's felt better than he has in months, which is quite astonishing since he practically has one foot in the grave.

The narrator of this promo, reveals that William will have the chance to fulfill a dream of his. After that, he's seen, telling Randall that he's going to get to do something he's always wanted to do before he dies.

Some Kate stuff

Next, the clip takes us to another storyline that's currently going on, featuring Kate. Apparently, she's taking the necessary steps to get herself to a new life. She's spotted, taking part in some group activity and she gets a call from Justin Hartly's Kevin character. She replies with an: "I'm not sure" to his question. Shortly after that, it appears that Kate has an admirer who is happy to hear that it was her brother on the phone and not a boyfriend.

He's going for it

Next, we see Kevin getting advice from Toby about his current romantic debacle, telling him he has one shot to win her back. It's going to be interesting to see if Kevin can pull it off. He's seen, looking like he's about to make his big attempt in one of the scenes. Then we have a final scene that shows some heavy kissing action going on with Jack and Rebecca.

Another kid, really?

The clip caps off with Jack, making a shocking suggestion to Rebecca about having another kid. It's going to be intriguing to see how Rebecca finishes up her response to that, because the clip cuts out before we get to see enough of a reaction from her. Be sure to check it out, below. The show is set to arrive this Tuesday night, January 24th at 8pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned.