"The Bachelor" Nick Viall's season just got underway, but fans are already wondering which three girls will make it past hometown dates and onto the most talked about episode of the season — the overnight dates. If you can't wait until the episode airs on to find out who Nick's final three girls are and what goes down in the Fantasy Suite, here are some spoilers to tide you over.

There are still weeks of dates and rose ceremonies to go before the final three girls are revealed, but it will become clearer to fans as the season progresses who the frontrunners are and which girls didn't come on the show for the right reasons.

The Fantasy Suite dates episode will air on February 27, one week after "The Bachelor" star Nick Viall visits the hometowns of four of this season's most talked-about girls — Corinne, Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa.

Who gets eliminated after hometown dates?

According to Reality Steve, Nick eliminated Corinne Olympios after visiting her family in Florida, leaving Vanessa, Raven, and Rachel as the final three who travel to Finland for the Fantasy Suite dates.

Aside from spending time with Nick in a one-on-one date, each girl will be offered a key to the Fantasy Suite giving them a chance to spend the night with Nick. Considering he admitted to having a one-night stand with Liz Sandoz prior to filming "The Bachelor," many fans will assume that Nick slept with all three girls when the overnight dates were filmed in November.

What happens in the Fantasy Suite?

It's rare for "The Bachelor," or "The Bachelorette" for that matter, to talk about their private time in the Fantasy Suite. Well, unless you're Nick Viall. Who can forget that awkward TV moment when Nick revealed that he had sex with Andi during their overnight dates and went on to complain that she shouldn't have "made love with him" if she wasn't in love with him.

Now we all know that Nick has changed his tune on the sex-love connection, especially in light of his fling with Liz. But does that mean he got horizontal with all three ladies when the overnights were filmed?

During an interview with ET, Nick was asked how many girls he sleeps with and, of course, he can't say much due to his contract with ABC.

However, he tells ET's Nancy O'Dell that they'll have to tune in to watch how the season plays out, but he probably didn't sleep with as many girls "as people think." He then went on to say "maybe none," hinting that he kept his pants on during all three Fantasy Suite dates.

Do you think Nick slept with all three girls during the overnight dates?