"The Bachelor" star Nick Viall's hometown dates episode won't air until February 20, but fans are already wondering who Nick's final four ladies are and who will move on to the all-important overnight dates. Nick will break one girl's heart after hometowns, sending her home after she creates more than a little controversy.

Fans can expect an epic meltdown at the hometown dates rose ceremony after Nick travels across the country to spend the day with each of his final four girls and their families. Can't wait to find out who Nick picks for hometowns, who gets sent home during the Episode 9 rose ceremony, and which three girls will get a chance to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite with Nick Viall?

Here are the latest spoilers and an update on the girl who got ditched after introducing Nick to her family.

Nick travels cross-country for hometowns

"The Bachelor" Nick Viall travels to Texas, Arkansas, Florida, and Canada to spend some one-on-one time with the four ladies who made it through seven rose ceremonies this season. According to Reality Steve, Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, Corinne Olympios, and Vanessa Grimaldi are Nick's final four — many fans will be shocked that Corinne, this season's villain, made it this far.

Corinne, who lives in Miami, Florida, made it clear that she would stop at nothing to get the final rose this season, going so far as to take her top off during a group date (Episode 2) and wear nothing but a whipped cream bikini during a pool party (Episode 3) — all in an effort to impress Nick.

There is speculation that producers kept her on the show purely for entertainment because spoilers reveal that Corinne, 24, does not get a one-on-one date until hometowns. That's right — she landed plenty of roses during this season of "The Bachelor," but only got picked for group dates.

Although Nick definitely seemed interested in Corinne when the season got underway, it appeared to be sexual attraction more than anything else.

Considering he is 36-years-old and she is 24, perhaps Nick started to realize that their age difference and her actions throughout the season weren't a good fit — she is eliminated during the hometown dates rose ceremony.

Nick says goodbye

Fans can expect an epic meltdown, or at the very least, an exit that will get everyone on Twitter talking about the Corinne, a contestant who may be better suited for "Bachelor in Paradise." Reality Steve says he is "1000 percent" certain she will head to "Paradise" this summer, so expect that announcement on the "Women Tell All" or "After the Final Rose" special that air towards the end of the season — she's perfect fit for ABC's "Bachelor" spinoff.

After hometowns, Vanessa, Raven, and Rachel will travel to Finland for the Fantasy Suite dates that air on February 27 where one more girl will be eliminated and Nick will have to choose between his final two picks.

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