Scientology has become somewhat of a fascination over the last few years. Leah Remini's public break from the church seemed to have something to do with it and with her A&E docu-series and several other documentaries available to view, a lot of attention has been brought to what some would dub a “cult.” Remini is still doing public speaking about her time in Scientology and the religion itself, and her conversation with Bill Maher has sparked interest.

Leah Remini discusses Tom Cruise

During her interview with Bill Maher last week, Leah Remini confirmed that Scientology does allow Tom Cruise some concessions when it comes to the religion.

While she didn't go into detail regarding what they were, it was clear he has a lot of power among Scientologists. In fact, Maher asked whether Cruise could end the religion, and Remini said she believes he could.

She is not allowed to associate with anyone tied to Scientology since leaving the church. Leah Remini has been labeled a "suppressive person" and no one is going to be caught speaking with her. Tom Cruise and John Travolta used to be on speaking terms with her, and now, they are virtually strangers. There are a lot of reasons the church is private, most of them leading “normal” people to believe it is a cult.

Suing Scientology

The docu-series on A&E ended, and Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are in the process of possibly suing the church.

There haven't been any details released regarding the lawsuit, all that Remini said was that the two were meeting with lawyers about possible legal action. There has not been another round of stories picked up for a second season, but fans are hoping that Leah will be back with more stories about how the church did their members wrong.

Leah Remini will not stop trying to expose Scientology for what she believes it is. With all that she experienced while practicing and seeing what they do to members who leave the church, she will continue to fight for those who are stuck in the religion. Some of what she exposed on her A&E series was absolutely shocking to outsiders.