Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion week, months after her horrifying ordeal when she was robbed? Not likely, says Gossip Cop who are renowned for fact-checking Hollywood stories. According to them, the story that “Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian To Return To Paris 5 Months After $10M Robbery,” which originated via a People article and then was perpetuated by Hollywoodlife is wrong. The original story revolved around the fact that Kardashian West's younger sister will be at the Paris Fashion Week and Kanye was considering going along to watch and support her, and that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star is contemplating traveling with him.

Kim Kardashian unlikely to go to Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West is not pushing Kim Kardashian to go to a show in a place where she was so badly traumatized, says Gossip Cop. They also debunk the story by saying that Kim has not "contemplated" going to the Paris Fashion Week. They also point out that People has "backtracked" on the story and that Kim will in fact, not be going to the Paris Fashion Week.

Pictures of horrifying ordeal

In the meantime, People did publish a story about the photos that have emerged of Kim Kardashian's horrifying ordeal five months ago, when she was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment. They reported that French news outlet TFI have released photos of the ordeal from surveillance footage.

How could anyone possibly imagine that Kanye would want to send Kim back to Paris so soon after the robbery after seeing such photos? The photos of the suspects alone are enough to help people imagine how scary the encounter must have been.

Watch video of the Kim Kardashian Paris robbers being arrested here

Those fans who love beautiful Kim, should not simply be lead by the nose through sensational reporting.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye went through a torrid time when she got back from what was a terrible Paris ordeal and Kanye was not well and hospitalized for a while. They supported each other - and even that was falsely reported on with allegations that Kim was tired of Kanye and wanted to take off with some other guy. Our stars are also people under their public veneer so perhaps we should stop trying to second guess them - or at least respect their feelings when putting stories together about them.