Recently, IFC Films dropped the new movie trailer (below) for their upcoming drama/thriller flick, "Person Shopper" that features former Twilight Saga main babe, Kristen Stewart. Judging from the synopsis of this flick, it turns out that she's going to be revisiting the world of the supernatural again, sort of. You see, her character works as a professional shopper for a celebrity. However, it's pointed out that her real preoccupation is being a spiritual medium, and she's waiting to receive a supernatural message from her twin brother who is dead.

It's described that she hangs out in his home and just waits to receive any signs or messages from the world beyond.

It got booed. What?

This film was directed by Oliver Assayas, who also directed one of Kristen's other films, "Clouds Of Sils Maria." The Cannes movie folks gave "Personal Shopper" mixed reviews last year. According to an article on, there were a lot of people that really loved it. However, there were a bunch of haters that showed up at the premiere to just boo the hell out of it, so that's not good. It's currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 10th, 2017. It wasn't indicated if that's a nationwide release or just a limited one. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Very expensive shopping

In the new trailer, we see Kristen's character, Maureen Cartwright, starting off as the personal shopper, riding around on a motor bike, hitting up various, clothing boutiques, buying very expensive clothes for her very high profile celebrity clients. After all the shopping stuff is out of the way, we see her character reveal her supernatural side her, saying that she's waiting to get in contact with her twin brother that died.

She goes on to explain that she and her brother made an oath that whoever dies first, would send the other one a sign from the after life.

A vicious murder

Later on, she reveals that she had a sign, but gets questioned about its authenticity. However, she insists that she felt a presence. At this point, things get real intense and horrid as Maureen walks into one of her client's house to discover that they have been murdered!

This sends her into a total talespin and she reveals that she can't tell whether or not she's going crazy! The trailer then caps off with a series of spooky-type scenes. It looks like it could be pretty suspenseful and entertaining. Check it out, below, and stay tuned.