Until recently, lesbianism and female bisexuality were taboo subjects in Hollywood, but thanks to several Celebrities who are open about their sexuality, that is changing for good. Actresses, models, reality stars, and singers fall in love with men and women, and that does not pose a problem for them. It helps lesbian and bisexual girls not to feel bad about their choices. Celebrities set trends, and in this case, it is positive because it breaks prejudices that are harmful to society.

Kristen and Stella

Kristen Stewart (26) has been the celebrity who most expresses her bisexuality in freedom.

She is now dating the supermodel Stella Maxwell (26), a girl as free as she is, who became famous for dating Miley Cyrus (24). The actress and the supermodel are one of the most glamorous couples currently in Hollywood. Their beauty, talent, irreverence, and intellegence have fascinated the media. They do not care about other people's opinions, since their romance is not an advertising strategy, as many might think -- they simply fell in love.

Other cases

Other celebrities who defend the right to live their own sexuality in freedom are Miley Cyrus (24), Lauren Jauregui (20), Bella Thorne (19), Sara Ramirez (41), and Amber Heard (30), among many others. They use social media to tell the world who they are in love with.

They can love both men and women, but they are sincere with themselves first. Their followers love that level of honesty, though a few do criticize them. Celebrities openly living the lifestyles that they choose also helps to remove the stigma from bisexuality, homosexuality, and others.

Miley Cyrus is an enthusiastic activist for the rights of the LGBT community.

She has listened to teenagers who have been bullied because of their sexuality. She uses her fame to raise awareness on the subject, and hopes that families discuss these issues in their homes. The singer defines herself as pansexual, meaning that she falls in love with a person, regardless of gender. Pansexuality is a trend that's growing among teenagers.