It seems that Kelly Ripa may still be angry with her former co-host, Regis Philbin. In a recent interview he did with Larry King, the silver-haired fox spilled on his non-communication with the girl who once sat next to him five days a week for ten years. He admitted that she was very offended when he made the decision to step down from his job as a morning talk show host and, as ET reported, they have not talked to each other since he took his leave back in 2011.

Does Kelly Ripa hold grudges?

While it does look like the former soap actress may just hold a grudge for a very long time, she may just have a reason for doing so.

Regis did seem to blindside her after he didn’t give her much of a warning that he was leaving “Live With Regis And Kelly.” He made the announcement on air surprising the live audience and the millions of viewers that day. However, it was his co-host who was the most surprised as she had apparently only learned about his departure just 20 minutes before they went on air.

Regis told Larry King that Kelly took it all very personal and that they have not spoken at all. “She got very offended when I left. She thought I was leaving because of her,” he said. The 85-year-old admitted that this was not the reason but that he was just getting older and that it was just the right time to hang up his morning talk show days.

His replacement, Michael Strahan, came along a year later, but he also left her side last year and that once again didn’t end well.

Regis seems baffled on not being asked to guest host

Ripa is now by herself with the show currently being called, “Live With Kelly.” Strahan has not been replaced yet and it looks like they are not making a decision anytime soon.

She has been having many guest hosts that have enjoyed sitting by her side, including Jerry O’Connell, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Anderson Cooper. However, Regis Philbin isn’t even on the list of names that has ever been considered to help out at all. Is that because his former co-host has put her foot down in protest of his return?

Neither the mom-of-three or Michael Gelman has ever mentioned just why Regis hasn’t been asked back to help her out until they find another permanent co-host and he isn’t quite sure why either. He admitted that he has not been asked to go back to his old stomping grounds. It could just be that Kelly is still upset over the whole ordeal, especially since she feels that she was also burned by how ABC handled the Michael Strahan departure.

Will Regis eventually get a response to what he said?

While it was obvious that Regis and Kelly had great chemistry together, it has now fizzled out after he left. Now that Philbin has spoken his heart on how he views their now-strained relationship, Ripa has a chance to put it all to rest if she so chooses to. Will she speak her heart eventually on the whole ordeal?