Tamron Hall abruptly left both jobs at NBC and MSNBC on January 31 after she was told just minutes before she went on the air that her third hour of the "Today" show was being phased out. "Today's Take" with Al Roker is also getting the axe this fall. This change is coming so NBC can make room for Megyn Kelly who is scheduled to start in September. Hall was offered a multi-million dollar contract to stay, but she left both networks. She had been with NBC for four years and with MSNBC for ten years.

Hall's next chapter

Hall has not revealed what her next chapter will be.

She was seen having lunch with Henry Schleiff from the Discovery Channel. The connection Hall has with Schleiff is that Hall is still hosting "Deadline Crime" on Schleiff's ID network. Therefore, he knows something about her work ethic. The two of them were reportedly discussing Hall's future career. Schleiff is said to have encouraged Hall to throw her hat in the ring to join Kelly Ripa on "Live With Kelly" on ABC. He believes that that position would be a nice fit for Hall. However, there has been no comment from Hall or Ripa in reference to this suggestion.

The position that Michael Strahan left vacant almost a year ago still has not been filled. Wouldn't it be interesting if fate would have it that the position was left vacant this long for someone like tamron hall?

The idea isn't far-fetched, because Ripa said in an interview last December that she is not opposed to having a female co-host. There have been more males, but many females have been included on the long list of guest co-hosts since May 2016.

Ripa and Hall are 46-years-old, and both of them have demonstrated that they have lots of energy.

It's ironic that Ripa was not told in advance about Strahan's leaving. Hall wasn't told in advance about her job being eliminated. Therefore, both females believe they were blindsided.

Hall's wardrobe

No matter where Hall ends up, she will need a brand new wardrobe. Immediately after leaving two hosting positions, she posted a video of herself cleaning out her closet and packing her work clothes.

She donated bags of outfits to Housing Works, one of her favorite charities. Hall has been seen out and about socializing with friends since her departure from two networks. In other words, life continues for her, and she is moving on.