Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan went their separate ways several months ago, but still, a new co-host for "Live! with Kelly" has yet to be named. While the talk show host has been joined by numerous celebrities and a teacher from Philadelphia since Strahan's sudden exit, the hunt for the perfect partner has been ongoing, and on Monday night, following his latest co-hosting appearance on "Live! with Kelly," Jerry O'Connell addressed the issue.

During an appearance on Andy Cohen's late night talk show, "Watch What Happens Live," O'Connell admitted that he is often asked about the possibility of joining the show full-time.

As he revealed, he's asked about the topic in cabs, on red carpets, and everywhere in between. However, according to him, he feels that Cohen is better suited for the role. Meanwhile, Cohen, who has been a close friend of Ripa's for years, claims "Jerry O'Connell's the guy."

Who else is in the running to join Kelly Ripa on 'Live'?

In addition to O'Connell and Cohen's frequent appearances on the morning talk show, Ripa has been joined by longtime friend Anderson Cooper and her husband, Mark Consuelos, quite a few times. Ripa has also been seen alongside Richard Curtis, who won a contest which landed him a guest starring role on the show.

Richard Curtis was only supposed to star on the show during one episode

After winning the contest, Curtis appeared alongside Kelly Ripa on "Live! with Kelly" and quickly won over her many viewers. In fact, Curtis did so well that he has continued to make appearances on the show in the months since. He even starred in a three-episode run last month.

When Curtis first nabbed his guest starring role, he chatted with Philly's Daily News about his thoughts on the show, which his wife Lindsay encouraged him to apply for. "When you're at school every day, you don't get to watch as much Kelly Ripa as you'd like. That's why you get married," he explained. "[Lindsay] was the one who made me do it."

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