As Nick Viall's stint as "The Bachelor" is coming to a close the tough eliminations are taking place. We saw Corinne Olympios be eliminated after the hometown dates and know that Rachel Lindsay will be the next "Bachelorette." That gives the green light to the franchise executives to start casting for this summer's "Bachelor In Paradise."

Is Corinne going to Paradise?

Corinne Olympios was rumored to be on the short list of girls from this season to be invited to Paradise. When she appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" she shared that she has not been invited on the journey of "Bachelor In Paradise" and she really isn't sure she would want to.

Not only is she still recovering from being dumped by Nick, she wasn't happy with the edit she was given by production.

Chad Johnson from Jo Jo Fletcher's season has confirmed that he will return to "Bachelor In Paradise" this summer. He recently let folks know that he has been texting with Corinne since her elimination from "The Bachelor." The two have a lot in common as they were both the season villains.

Was she unfairly edited?

Corinne being upset by her edit seems a bit ironic to some fans. She set out to be the vixen of the show. She dropped her top, tried to seduce Nick and was sexually aggressive towards him in front of the other women. There were many reports of how her father was even proud of his baby girl for occupying the role of villain and standing out.

Chad was the bad boy on Jo Jo's season too. He went so far as to threaten other cast members. The edit may take things out of context but a threat is still a threat. And his repeat performance last summer on "BIP" only solidified his reputation. He has said that he learned from his mistakes and has only had alcohol a few times since.

Chad Johnson and Corinne Olympios would be great together on "Bachelor In Paradise." The two could keep something going on all the time as the "Bachelor" alumni attempt once again to find love.

Beyond Chad, there have been no more official casting announcements for "BIP." Check back with Blasting News for the updates!