"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has finally confirmed that she is, in fact, pregnant with her third child. The MTV personality, who is already mom to sons Isaac and Lincoln, revealed the big news to "The Ashley's Reality Roundup" on Thursday. Lowry, who recently divorced husband Javi Marroquin, has revealed that Javi is not the father of her child, but refuses to reveal the dad's identity.

Kailyn reveals details of her pregnancy

According to the report, Kailyn Lowry confirms that she's "about halfway through the pregnancy," and that she's realizes that her situation is not "ideal" at this time in her life.

However, the "Teen Mom 2" star reveals that those closest to her have been very supportive about the pregnancy, which has made it easier for her. Kailyn, who suffered a devastating miscarriage while married to Javi Marroquin, says that she did not announce the pregnancy sooner because she was scared she may lose the baby. Kail shockingly admits that she had "female" problems and was told her chances to conceive again were cut in half.

Kail didn't tell Javi

While Lowry refuses to reveal who the father of her third child is, she does say that she has no idea what the baby's gender is, and that she does not plan to find out if she's having another boy or a little girl until the time of birth. The reality star also admits that she knows "Teen Mom 2" fans will talk negatively about the pregnancy, but that she is excited for the baby and doesn't care about other people's thoughts.

On her blog, Kailyn revealed that Isaac's dad Jo Rivera was one of the first people to know about the pregnancy, but that she never told ex-husband Javi Marroquin about the baby. With the recent news, and Javi seemingly kept out of the loop, it's understandable that he wouldn't take it well, especially if he found out like everyone else -- on the internet.

Kailyn's pregnancy is sure to be a hot topic during the MTV reality series, and fans will more than likely get to see Javi's reaction on the series. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry is staying positive about the pregnancy, and is ready to add another new member to her family.