The latest installment in the series of movies about DC comic heroes is scheduled for release around November of 2017, with the official date being the 17th in the US. Super heroes like Batman and Superman have always been quite popular in the DC universe and this time around the action is going to be coming from all directions, with a huge cast that will be appearing as many popular members of the "Justice League."

The cast

Ben Affleck will be making a return as Batman and he will be playing a very important role in this movie. Henry Cavil is going to be playing Superman once again, and we are going to see Gal Gadot returning as the sexy and brave Wonder Woman.

Other known actors such as Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller as the Flash will make an appearance too.

Lex Luthor is going to be played by Jesse Einsenberg, which seemed like an extremely odd choice for the villain in the "Batman V Superman" movie, and many have said that his performance ruined the movie, so having him back seems like a bad move at this point, but hopefully he will redeem himself for "Justice League."

Some people argued that Ben Affleck wasn’t a good choice to play Batman, but he did a good job, and the audience seemed to accept him in the role, which is why he is making a comeback now. Wonder Woman is perfectly cast with Gal Gadot, and Superman is also a good fit for Cavill.

The plot

The plot surrounds Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assembling a team of people with special skills in order to be able to defeat Steppenwolf in his quest to find the 3 mother boxes that are hidden on planet earth. The parademons are also searching for the boxes and this means that the "Justice League" will have their hands full.

The team that is assembled includes the Metahumans and they will be in charge of protecting the planet from serious threats that want to enslave humanity and take over the earth.


This movie is expected to be a great action adventure that is going to bring the popularity of other DC characters to new heights. So far Batman and Superman are the two most popular DC heroes, but the spotlight will also shine on new ones in the upcoming "Justice League" film.