Very few movie sagas have been as successful and as legendary as "Star Wars" It’s safe to say that the fans have been quite loyal and the series, games and general merchandise have also been a success. In this article, we are going to be talking about the eight installment which is set as the second film in the new trilogy that began with The Force Awakens.

Rogue One and The Last Jedi

Rogue One was an amazing movie, but it’s basically a way to give fans of the original movies a set of answers to a large number of questions and it was a blast to the past that also served as a tribute to princess Leia, who passed away shortly after the movie was released.

With that said, Rogue One wasn’t really considered part of the new trilogy, so "The Last Jedi" is going to be the second part of this new Trilogy and it’s meant to start right after the end of the Force Awakens.

This means we are obviously going to see how Luke Skywalker and Rey interact in this movie and there will probably be more Kylo Ren for everyone to hate. Other characters that will be returning include Finn and Kaydel Ko Connix.

New actors join the cast

The characters played by the new cast are still unrevealed, but it’s officially confirmed that Laure Dern, who became famous for jurassic park, is going to be in the movie. Also, the famous Benicio Del Toro is part of the new cast and according to his own words, his character is morally ambiguous.

The tone is going to be darker

According to official sources, the tone for "The Last Jedi" will be a bit darker and it will have more of a serious feel to it without forgetting the campy details that have always been part of "Star Wars" movies.


We can always expect a huge and incredible release when a "Star Wars" movie is announced, and Disney has done a pretty good job of reviving the series with the feel they originally brought to the screen. "The Last Jedi" is scheduled for release on December 15, 2017. There are many fan theories about what is to come in "The Last Jedi" but only time will tell what is truly in store for the galaxy.