Jessa Duggar and ben seewald welcomed their second son into the world last Monday. The baby was born in the early morning hours and everything with the home birth reportedly went smooth. An announcement about the birth was made by the Duggar family and the Seewalds themselves later that day. A photo of the new baby boy also appeared, and in the days following, family photos were shared with fans.

Baby name to be announced?

There has been a collective sigh among fans who have been waiting to find out the name of the newest member of the Seewald family.

Jessa had confirmed just a few days before she had the baby that the couple had not yet chosen a name. The same thing happened when Spurgeon was born, he went five days without being named. It was assumed that a name would have been chosen last week, and, if you believe rumors and gossip, one may have been.

It is being said that Ben Seewald's mom may have thrown Jessa Duggar and Ben under the bus a bit. When she posted the announcement of the birth of her newest grandson, she let it slip that they had chosen a name that morning. It makes it appear as though the Seewalds are holding out on releasing the name for dramatic effect. There is talk that during "Counting On" tonight, the name will be announced.

That is entirely possible since the Duggar Family has been known to do things like that to increase ratings.

Possible names for baby Seewald

Along with the rumors that Jessa and Ben have already named their baby, there have been some names thrown around. Wesley is one of them, for a mention a preacher with that last name got on Instagram from the couple.

Chapman has also been mentioned a time or two, for the same reason mentioned above. And finally, Tozer. Yes, Tozer. It seems that since the parents really do have a thing for unique names, this one may be it. Jessa did confirm that the newest child would follow suit with Spurgeon.

The name will be released when Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are ready to let the world know. Until then, we are all stuck playing the guessing game and speculating on clues that may have been dropped.