"King Kong" has always been a very powerful cultural icon from Hollywood movies and generation after generation has been able to enjoy movies with this oversized gorilla. This year we are going to be watching yet another release that is meant to be a different take to the movies that have been released and it’s not connected to Peter Jackson’s movie at all.

The movie started shooting October of 2015 and it set to be released on March, 2017. It will be available in 2D and 3D and it might be the redeeming flick that "King Kong" fans are waiting for.

The plot

This movie is about the same thing that has already been covered in other "King Kong" movies. An organization discovers a strange island that seems to be uncharted and they end up finding all kinds of monstrous creatures and the mighty "Kong" as the last of his kind. The movie is about the group trying to survive and the relationship between "King Kong" and the female lead which is always the heart warming and sentimental part of the movie.

The cast

This time around the cast includes Brie Larson as the damsel in distress that turns into the sentimental interest for "Kong" and she also develops feelings of affection towards the beast. She plays a way photojournalist and a peace activist.

Samuel L. Jackson plays a United State Lieutenant that the explorers hire for the purpose of taking the group to the island and helping them with his experience.

There are other known actors like John Goodman and Tom Hiddleston, but the main protagonist in the "King Kong" movies is always "King Kong."

The special effects

The creators of "Skull Island" are looking for the best way to make the gorilla look a lot more like the 1933 version than the new one in the sense of the way that the beast walks resembling a man more than a gorilla.

We can expect a lot of great effects with CGI as usual in modern movies, but they are aiming for a creature that acts a little more human than the last one.


"Kong: Skull Island" is expected to deliver the same entertainment value that is common in movies with large monsters such as Godzilla and "King Kong" but hopefully the character development and the relationship between the woman and the animal will have some good emotional content to offer.