"Teen Mom OG" cameras have followed Caitlynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra through so much. The birth and adoption of their first child, the birth of their second child, legal problems with family members, and mental health issues coupled with drug use. The latest controversy swirling around the couple is accusations of infidelity. But are they true?

Did Tyler cheat on Caitlynn?

When Tyler was confronted, Radar Online reports that he not only admitted it, he elaborated! He said he was "unable to resist him/her" as he was drunk and it was dark. Caitlynn joked that they had tried to keep it quiet, but since it was out, that he was guilty.

She took to social media to weigh in as well. The "Teen Mom OG" star tweeted love to the lovers and a big ol' expletive for the haters. Tyler simply tweeted love for his wife. The two haven't justified the rumor with a serious response. To them it is a joke that Tyler would have been unfaithful to his wife and mother of his children.

Struggle with anxiety and depression

The "Teen Mom OG" cameras have caught the problems the couple has experienced over Caitlynn's mental health and drug issues. When she returned home from treatment for anxiety and depression he was disappointed when she started falling back into the same routine. He told her that if she didn't get a grip, he would have to "checkout." Tyler had hit his point where things had to change for him to stay.

There are always rumors of infidelity in the "Teen Mom" franchise. Relationships are always complicated. There are divorces, exes, baby daddies and baby mommas, legal issues, and custody issues. The complications of sordid pasts make the current relationships more likely to crack. Caitlynn and Tyler are the exception.

The young couple has worked through a lot and have stood together.

Their relationship is portrayed on the show as strong, and that they have resolved any issues they were facing. The social media posts of the two confirm how much in love they are, and that they are happily married.