Tej Singh Oberoi, the boss of the 'Oberoi' family is stunned as Svetlana who was supposed to get engaged with him, gets engaged to his son Rudra in Tuesday's episode of "Ishqbaaz."

The Oberoi family is on the verge of complete destruction mode as the "Ishqbaaz" show progresses on Star Plus in India. The Saturday's episode ended with Jhanvi (Tej's) wife burning herself and trying to commit suicide, while the video clip of younger son's marriage to Sowmya gets leaked to the media.

Monday, February 6th episode

The show begins with Omkara again moving out of the Oberoi Mansion as his father is getting close to Svetlana, the other women in his life.

He thinks he is responsible for whatever happened with his mom.

He should have taken care of her.He moves out of the house after telling Shivaay that he will teach his arrogant father Tej Singh Oberoi a lesson.

the next scene shows Anika (Surbhi Chandra) consoling the helpless Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) who was accused by his elder father Tej Singh of leaking the marriage video of Rudra to the media. He tries to guess who could be behind this conspiracy,

Shivaay and Anika suspect Tia and Svetlana

The photographer of the function forgets his camera at Shivaay's room, Anika and Shivaay check the camera for any clues and they find that someone replaced Anika's phone.

They both come to a conclusion that it was Tia who did the mischief of sending the marriage video to the media from Anika's mobile.

they also suspect if there is a connection between Svetlana and Tia.

Svetlana getting engaged

Shivaay calls up his manager and orders him to find the whereabouts and all the details of Svetlana. Next, someone comes and delivers a new dress at the Oberoi Mansion, Svetlana comes in and picks up the dress and tells Anika and Rudra that it's her engagement today and dress is for that purpose.

Anika gets the shock of her life and runs to tell this news to Shivaay. He is talking over the phone, Anika tells him that she want's to tell something important to him, bu he continues to talk over the phone, the angry Anika picks his phone and throws it out of the window!

Shivay doesn't believe when Anika tells him about Svetlana's engagement news. Everyone gather to discuss this issue. the episode ends.