Ben Affleck stepping off from the director’s seat of DCEU’s stand-alone "Batman" movie may sound disastrous for some fans. He successfully brought the bulked-up and grittier "Batman" to the big screen, similar to the comics. Some even say that his "Batman" is the only good thing on “BvS.” With such passionate fans and a legendary character, the story that carries the narrative needs to exceed its expectations or at least tells a good story to accompany the heritage of The Dark Knight.

With no real director on board and no finished script, many fans speculated on what story this "Batman" movie will tell.

Batman’s DCEU origin story. However, some of the character’s past featured in “BvS.” Each is an interesting story to tell, such as the death of the Waynes, Batman’s presence as an urban myth in Gotham, Robin’s costume in the Batcave with (supposedly) Joker’s handwriting and others.

With so many source materials to look on, we took the liberty with a few suggestions of which story the movie will take its inspiration. Here we are, five reading suggestions and possible storylines for DCEU’s Batman.

1. 'The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade' (2016)

Authors: Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello (writer)

John Romita Jr. (artist)

This comic tells the story of how Robin is killed by the Joker before the events of "The dark knight returns" shows the time before Bruce Wayne retires the mantle of Batman, and instead of being an old, lonely and angry old man.

Features Killer Croc (which fits well with his appearance in suicide squad) and poison ivy. The story is more of how Bruce sees Jason’s Robin getting more and more violent with the days past.

2. 'Batman: The Man Who Laughs' (2005)

Authors: Ed Brubaker (Writer)

Doug Mahnke (Artist)

Set in the early days of Batman’s adventure and his first encounter with the Joker as he becomes a psychotic mass murderer.

Tells how Batman and Gordon build their relationship where Batman is still raw and conflicted on his adventures as Batman. More of an origin story about Joker than Batman’s, but still interesting to see how they both becomes the ultimate “BFF.”

3. 'New 52 Batman: Zero Year' (issue 21-33, 2013-2014)

Authors: Scott Snyder (Writer)

Greg Capullo (Artist)

This story is the modern Batman’s origin story.

Features many sci-fi themes to explain a few things and fits greatly to the gloominess of DCEU. Critically acclaimed and celebrated as one of the greatest Batman’s storylines of all time, this story will be an exciting project to put on the silver screen.

4. 'Batman: Dark Victory' (1999-2000)

Authors: Jeph Loeb (writer)

Tim Sale (artist)

Also set in the early days of Batman’s adventure, this story is the sequel to “the long Halloween” which carries a similar premise with a few twists. The highlight of this story is the introduction of Dick Grayson as he becomes the Boy Wonder. It still hasn't cleared yet that the Robin costume in the bat-cave is Dick or Jason’s, and there’s still a question on will Robin have a bigger part in the next DCEU stories now that he is dead.

However, still, it will be fun to see him back to the big screen.

5. 'Batman: A Death in the Family' (1988)

Authors: Jim Starlin (Writer)

Jim Aparo (artist)

After Dick Grayson’s departure as Robin, Batman found a replacement in Jason Todd, a thief whom he caught red-handed trying to steal Batmobile’s wheels. “A Death in the Family” is the story which Frank Miller took his main inspiration to create the gritty Batman in his “The Dark Knight Returns” comic, which later adapted into a stand-alone story in “TDKR: The Last Crusade.” In this story, Todd’s Robin is killed by the hands of Joker somewhere in the middle east. “A Death in the family could serve as the introduction to Batman and Joker’s relationship in DCEU.