"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings for the week of February 6 may make some fans a bit nostalgic and sad. According to Soap Hub, this week will mark the official last appearance of actor Joseph Mascolo as Stefano DiMera. The actor, who passed away in December, filmed one final time as the NBC soap's biggest villain, and viewers will say goodbye with Joseph's final scenes this week.

Joseph Mascolo returns to play Stefano DiMera one final time

As many "Days of Our Lives" fans know, Stefano DiMera was thought to be dead after Hope Brady shot him multiple times and then Rafe Hernandez helped her dispose of his body.

However, it seems that The Phoenix has risen again. Although Hope was sent to prison for the crime of murdering Stefano, evidence revealed that the evil head of the DiMera family seemingly wasn't dead at all. This lead Rafe, Shane, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, and Paul on a wild goose chase to look for their foe. This week, it seems the search will be over, and Stefano will finally be found.

However, what happens next with the character is still a mystery. Will Stefano finally be killed off the soap opera for good, or will he escape the clutches of his enemies yet again? Since Mascolo can not return as Stefano for any future scenes, it seems that the show would want to wrap up the character's storyline.

However, a recast or some other outrageous new plot twist could always have the villain return in the most shocking of ways.

So much drama in Salem

Meanwhile, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will also see actor Martin Harris return to play Officer Hasek on Friday. With all of the police drama going on in Salem, it's hard to keep straight which cops are on which cases.

Hope has escaped from prison and there is a manhunt going on for her.

All the while, the Kiriakis, DiMera, and Hernandez families are all in a wicked feud over a piece of technology that could make them millions, and someone is likely to end up hurt or dead as Deimos keeps Chad and Gabi prisoner to get his way. "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.