Playing the role of every form of a bowel movement that is known to humans has to look a bit weird on a resume. You've seen the IBS commercial with the red-haired woman who is in-tow behind a another woman suffering from bowel problems, but you probably don't know her name. You also probably don't know where you have seen her before.

That Actress who shadows her way through the commercial as the nagging symptoms of diarrhea and constipation was one of the topics on Fox's "Five at Five" Wednesday evening. It was Greg Gutfeld who threw the unknown actress into the mix.

Who is the life-size irritable bowel?

Her name is Ilana Becker and Gutfeld is not the only one who is somewhat infatuated with the woman who plays the symptoms that plague the bowels. The commercial advertises Allergan’s Viberzi, a medication that treats the symptoms of IBS.

Hyperactive Colon

Her role for this IBS commercial is actually described as a "hyperactive colon" that bestows all these uncomfortable symptoms on that woman she shadows throughout the commercial. Becker actually considers this her dream job.

Who is that actress?

Back in September, the Bellevue News Democrat did a story on Ilana Becker after they had received a letter asking who the "crazed" woman in the leotards was. The letter described her as the actress with the "Raggedy Ann red wig," who is sporting an image of intestines on her torso.

The publication interviewed Becker and found out that she was more than excited when first learning that she would be the one to bring " Irritabelle" to life.

Have you seen her before?

The original letter asked if the actress had played other roles because she looked vaguely familiar to the writer of the letter. So has she?

Yes, Ilana Becker has had small roles on TV shows like, “My Name Is Earl,” “Alpha House” and “Odd Mom Out.” Becker is probably best known in the role of herself on MTV’s “Girl Code.”

Skype via the bathroom

When this the role for this commercial popped up, Becker auditioned via Skype from her bathroom. This is probably the most appropriate room in the house to do this from considering she is riddled with diarrhea and constipation for this gig.

Gary Scheiner is the creative director for the Arnold Worldwide ad agency, which was the agency to pick the actress for the IBS role. He said they saw hundreds of auditions. After seeing many talented people, Becker was the unanimous choice for the role. Becker's role of a hyperactive colon is making its way up there with greats like "Where's the Beef" lady, who was iconic in her role on the Wendy's commercial, which came out decades ago.

Iconic role in commercials!

Playing an irritable bowel riddled with symptoms of diarrhea and constipation has to be a tough asset to word on one's resume. But Becker has made the role of a life-size colon one very funny act and one that will be hard to follow!