Did Amber Portwood tie the knot in Las Vegas? She and her fiance, Matt Baier, were in Sin City over the weekend and it didn't take long for fans of the "Teen Mom" star to wonder if she got married while she was there. The rumors first started thanks to an Instagram post by Baier. He posted a photo of a sign that read "Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married!" And the rest was internet rumor history!

So, did they get married or not?

The "Teen Mom OG" star was quick to clear up any wedding rumors on social media, letting her fans know that she and Matt Baier did not tie the knot while in Vegas.

On Sunday, Amber took to Twitter to make sure everyone was clear -- she and her beau did go to a wedding, but it wasn't their wedding!

"No we didn’t get married however we went to a wedding always sending love," she wrote, settling everyone down.

So there you have it! The two seemed to have so much fun together but they did not get married!

But a 'Teen Mom' wedding is coming soon, right?

Portwood and Baier haven't been too forthcoming about their plans to wed but they are indeed engaged which means a wedding is somewhere down the line. The two were planning to get married in October 2016 but called off their plans after Amber saw some red flags. Baier -- who has five children with three different women -- supposedly flirted with "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham.

Portwood was also worried about her boyfriend's past and had concerns when she found out that he hadn't been paying child support. These things were enough to make Amber pump the brakes.

Both Amber and Matt have worked things out and Matt has said that Amber knows everything about him and about his past. The two are still together and seem very happy.

Although they have yet to announce a wedding date, it seems like they are on the right path as a couple.

Do you think that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier will end up getting married? Do you think the two will do so before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments section below!