Daniel Craig Divorce rumors are escalating over a new report claiming that he and wife, Rachel Weisz, aren't happy in their 5-year marriage. The pair are an intensely private couple and they share very little about their lives. Stories have surfaced in the last few weeks that Craig and Weisz are coping with a difficult marriage.

Daniel Craig unhappy in his marriage with 'The Mummy' star

A source confided to Radar Online that the "James Bond" star and "The Mummy" actress "haven't been happy for a while, and nearly called it quits last year." Daniel Craig hasn't been photographed with his wife since 2015, adding more to divorce speculations.

Individual film projects interfering with Craig and Weisz's marriage

Craig and Weiz are working on two different projects with Weisz in London filming "Disobedience" and Craig shooting a film about the 1992 riots in L.A. centering around the Rodney King police-beating case; he's filming with Halley Berry.

Their work schedules are being partly blamed for the divorce rumors. Radar Online's insider continues that the time difference and priorities that each of the stars put on work are contributing to marital unrest. The source says "no one would be surprised to learn they've split." According to the source, Weisz wants to reboot her career in 2017 and Daniel Craig is "heartbroken." Rachel is currently in the process of choosing movie roles that appeal to her morally.

Craig doesn't like being alone

If they pair split up, the report notes that the James Bond megastar admitted to not thriving as a single man.

In an interview that Rachel gave to More magazine, she said she likes to "protect" her marriage to Daniel because he's "just too famous" and it would be a "betrayal" to disclose too much about their marriage.

She essentially said it's none of the public's business what goes on in their private lives.

While Daniel and Rachel don't have any children of their own, Rachel has a 10-year-old son that she shares with ex-fiance, Darren Aranofsky, a famous Hollywood director.