Richard Simmons is making headlines today after a podcast made some very startling claims about him. The enthusiastic fitness guru has not been seen in public in over 1,000 days. While many of his fans have been concerned about him and questioning his health, it has been suggested that there's something more going on -- something that could be extremely serious.

'Missing Richard Simmons' Episode 3 podcast

Mauro Oliveira is a longtime friend of the fitness guru. It was him who made that claims about Simmons being held hostage by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

It was on Episode 3 of the podcast that Oliveira told listeners that his dear friend seemed to be in a great deal of trouble.

Oliveira told listeners of the popular podcast that he went to visit his friend, who has chosen to step out of the spotlight to enjoy some peace and quiet at home, in May 2014. Whilst there, he noticed that Simmons appeared "physically and mentally" weak. The two friends sat down for a conversation in which Richard Simmons allegedly told Oliveira that he could no longer see him. At the time, Oliveira admits, he thought his friend was suicidal.

At that point, Oliveira recalls, Simmons' housekeeper allegedly started yelling at him to leave. He asked Simmons if Teresa was "controlling his life" and Simmons said, "yes."

Oliveira has made some other bold claims about Simmons' housekeeper practicing witchcraft and keeping him there under some sort of spell.

"I come from a good place. My only hope is for Richard to get help, and be a happier person because, for the past three years, he has not been a happy person,” said Oliveira.

Richard Simmons' rep speaks out

Tom Estey has heard the rumors about his client and has spoken out against them, hoping that people will find something else to talk about -- and trying to reassure folks that Richard Simmons isn't in some kind of hostage situation.

Estey called the podcast claims a "complete load of crap."

"Richard made a choice. To live a more private life. If he decides to come back, he’ll come back," he added.

Do you think that any of this could be true? Do you think that there's a chance that Richard Simmons is in danger?