Kaitlyn Bristowe and her beau Shawn Booth were dancing the night away at an event over the weekend when the former "Bachelorette" star took to social media to share some photos -- and her captions, which are normally hilarious, got fans talking about a potential pregnancy!

Most fans have come to the conclusion that KB and SB aren't having a baby together, so there's really no "news" to write home about.

Kaitlyn Bristowe pregnancy rumors started on Instagram

The happy couple arrived at the Mount Washington Hotel, presumably for a wedding. Kaitlyn Bristowe posted a picture on social media before the night really got going and captioned the sweet snap with, "Hi.

I wanna have your babies. That is all." Of course, that caption got fans laughing, which was totally cool. However, it was Kaitlyn's next post that got people talking.

As she's on the dance floor with Shawn B., Kaitlyn has someone film them slow dancing to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." As the two share a romantic moment topped with a kiss, most fans were quick to notice that Bristowe had a drink in her hand. However, her video caption made people wonder if the soon-to-be Mrs. Shawn B. had been sipping apple juice.

"And that was the night Shawn B Jr was made," she wrote.

Turns out, that was just another joke.

Kaitlyn Bristowe slammed for dress choice

The reality star didn't feel the need to address the pregnancy rumors -- she has posted enough about enjoying wine after giving it up for 30 days that it seems more than obvious she's not expecting -- but she did address something else.

In her cute Celine Dion video, it sort of looks like Kaitlyn Bristowe was wearing a white dress... to someone else's wedding.

Well, she wasn't, and she wanted everyone to know that her lacey number was actually a pretty shade of mint green.

"LensCrafters called. Your prescription is in. #ItsFreakinGreen," she captioned a photo of herself with friends wearing the dress in better lighting.

Don't you just love Kaitlyn and Shawn? Do you hope the two will get married soon?