Chrissy Metz has taken aim at body shamers that insulted Lady Gaga and her apparent "belly pooch" that made an appearance during the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. The "This Is Us" star sat down for a chat on "Just Jenny" on SiriusXM over the weekend when she was asked about the fat-shaming comments made during Gaga's incredible performance.

Metz said that the comments made her "crazy" because she couldn't understand how people could be so ridiculous. "How is someone fat if they’re not fat?" Chrissy asked.

Chrissy tries to figure it all out

If you're like Metz, you probably found yourself wondering just what would possess someone to talk about a "belly pooch" and to fat-shame a celebrity who doesn't have a weight problem.

Well, Chrissy Metz believes that it's all due to projection. She said that if people were really happy with themselves, they wouldn't talk badly about other people. She concluded that we are all "connected" and, at the end of the day, the negativity surrounding Gaga's tummy was just a bunch of hateful people expressing their own misery.

Lady Gaga's proud of her body

After the internet just about blew up with comments about Gaga's body after her Super Bowl LI performance, the "Bad Romance" singer took to social media to express herself. Keeping it cool per usual, Gaga said that she is "proud" of her body and that other people should be "proud of [their's] too." She also said that being successful shouldn't be the result of catering to anyone.

"Be you, and be relentlessly you," she concluded.

Thousands of Lady Gaga fans (lovingly known as "Little Monsters") came to the singer's defense following the nasty comments littered all over social media.

Chrissy Metz has taken some heat for being overweight but she has clapped back at haters and has said that she loves who she is and the skin that she is in. Obviously being a celebrity and being in the spotlight causes you to be scrutinized left and right but Chrissy seems to have a really positive outlook on life -- and so does Lady Gaga!