It is one of the most interesting choices that DC Comics has made in their recent run of movie news, but it sounds like they want mel gibson to direct the "Suicide Squad" sequel. While that is great news, nothing will happen until both parties sign on the dotted lines and Gibson himself says that is not happening yet.

'Suicide Squad' sequel in the planning stages

One thing that DC Comics and Warner Bros. loves to do is make big announcements. They have almost a dozen movies planned to release over the next few years and still haven't made one yet that pleases all their fans like Marvel has accomplished.

"Man of Steel" was a good movie with big problems, "Batman V Superman" has as many people who love it as they do who hate it, and "Suicide Squad" was -- at best -- a genre cult favorite for hardcore fans.

That means that the "Suicide Squad" sequel is one that might work well with a little tweaking, rather than the wholesale changes that might be needed for Batman and Superman's movies. That is probably why Mel is not signing on just yet.

Mel Gibson's statement about 'Suicide Squad'

Mel Gibson was walking the red carpet when someone asked him about the "Suicide Squad" movie sequel. Of course, everyone had heard that his name came up in regard to the movie and this was a chance for Mel to respond to the rumors.

Well, Gibson is good at answering questions and let the reporter know that something was going on but there was nothing close to an agreement yet. Basically, Mel said that he has met with some guys concerning story points. He said it is fun to "shoot the bull" about stories but they just need to wait to see if a concept is good enough for him to sign on for.

The resurrection of Mel Gibson

"Suicide Squad 2" would be a nice finish to the story about the resurrection of the career of Mel Gibson. At one time, he was the hottest filmmaker on the planet with movies like "Braveheart" and "Passion of the Christ," but his battles alcoholism and some anti-Semitic statements almost blacklisted him in Hollywood.

He recently came back strong, first with smaller movie roles, and then with a critically-acclaimed directorial effort in "Hacksaw Ridge." Mel Gibson working on a superhero movie like "Suicide Squad" could be the last piece in the puzzle of his career's second chance.