Gwen and Stephen Huneck are passionate about man’s best friend and look for ways to honor them. Mr. Huneck is a very talented artist, spreading his adoration for the canine through his woodcarvings and paintings. His work highlights a colorful, playful and witty observation of dogs. In addition to art, he and his wife dreamed of a project they devoted their lives to that involves a place called Dog Mountain.

The start of Dog Mountain and its features

The Huneck’s purchased a farm in Vermont that features 150 acres of off-leash trails, ponds stocked with trout and a very special, unique chapel.

The acquired the farm property back in 1995 and converted the barn into Stephen’s art studio. Their dream for this area was a place for dogs to enjoy the New England countryside, running freely in a safe environment meant specifically for the animals. Thus, their dream led to the birth of Dog Mountain. The Huneck’s vision has become a reality where dogs can be dogs in a safe environment while the humans who love them can appreciate them and reflect on what they mean to them. Each season at Dog Mountain features special activities from fishing in the spring and fall to snowshoe in the winter, all while the canines bask in freedom and socialize. Special events and parties are also held several times throughout the year for the pooches and their humans, including bonfires and barbecues.

The Dog Chapel meant for humans who lost their pets

As part of Dog Mountain, an 1800s type of church was erected with hand-carved pews and stained-glass windows, later known as the Dog Chapel. The Huneck’s felt this to be a place of solace for visitors to reflect on the dogs they have loved and lost. They described it as a place made special for the human-animal bond.

Additionally, a Remembrance Wall is available to post special thoughts and photos of guests dogs. Huneck wrote a book in 2010 where he stated that the Dog Chapel is not only a place for grieving a lost dog but also to celebrate the joy of living and bonding with a special dog and their owners. Although the Huneck’s have passed on since realizing this beautiful dream, their legacy of joy, whimsy, and love still exists through their great creation on Dog Mountain.