The latest "General Hospital" spoilers and buzz are growing with regards to a possible Jason Morgan impostor storyline. The rumors have been generated due to the original actor who played Jason possibly making a return to Port Charles now that he's off the other soap he was starring on. Could Steve Burton fans see the original Jason back on the show and dealing with an imposter as well as his relationship with Sam? Here's some of the latest speculation and possible "GH" spoilers involving Jason Morgan and how he could once again be played by the original actor who portrayed him.

Billy Miller vs. Steve Burton

Steve Burton rose to fame in his role as Jason Morgan on the hit soap opera "General Hospital." However, as has been the case with other soap stars, Burton decided to leave his longtime role on the show in search of other acting work. He took a job with "Young & the Restless," starring as Dylan McAvoy in 2013. He continued in that role for several years with "GH" fans wishing he'd never left their soap opera. It took several years for potential good news to surface for viewers.

Back in October of 2016, Burton said he wasn't planning to renew his deal with the show and would exit from his role as Dylan.

However, his final appearance date wasn't really known. Still, it had "General Hospital" fans quite excited about the possible return of one of their favorite actors.

While Burton was on "Y&R", it meant a different actor was brought in to play the role of Jason Morgan. That's where Billy Miller came in, and he's been the latest to star in the role.

Since Miller was taking over the role from a fan favorite who had seemingly been killed off, "GH" writers had to come up with a good way to bring him in. They explained it as some sort of sci-fi story where Jason's memory had been changed and his face was reconstructed. However, that may be all a set-up for the original Jason to come back into the picture.

An impostor story?

As mentioned, the continuing buzz is that Billy Miller is taking roles outside of "GH," and Steve Burton leaving "Y&R," leaves the door open for a possible return. That has led to questions about whether Burton would return as a new character in Port Charles, or as the original Jason.

A possible "General Hospital" spoilers explanation that Celebrity Dirty Laundry put out there is that Burton could return as "the real Jason" to confront Miller's "fake Jason." The concept would involve Jason Morgan saying that the guy currently with Sam was really an impostor sent by Helena. It would lead to quite a dramatic confrontation between the two Jasons, especially with the romantic involvement of Sam.

Another "GH" story possibility is that the original Jason had a fraternal twin and that Heather Weber was somehow involved in giving away his brother. This story would also mean that the impostor Jason was programmed with the memories of the real Jason somehow, probably by the evil Helena.

Will Steve Burton return?

Keep in mind, these "General Hospital" spoilers and rumors may or may not come true. It's still unclear if Burton will actually make his return to "GH," but many viewers would love to see it. It would involve some sort of clever story from the writers, who have been known to include all sorts of weird twists -- aliens, vampires, serial killers, and clones -- in storylines for Port Charles.

Fans who voted over at Celebrity Dirty Laundry pretty much voted in favor of Burton making his return as Jason Morgan, and nobody else. It's clear that the "General Hospital" fans want to see their longtime favorite actor resume his role, rather than having to look at him as someone completely different!