Angelina Jolie broke her silence over her pending divorce with Brad Pitt and despite all the buzz online making this split sound like a battle, there was no mud-slinging offered up by Jolie in her recent interview. Just the mention of the Jolie-Pitt pending divorce brought tears to the A-list star's eyes, in a very telling interview.

Away from home

The BBC caught up with Jolie while she was in Cambodia for the screening of "First They Killed My Father." This is a movie directed by Jolie telling the true story of genocide in that country. Jolie, who often uses her fame to bring attention to all the suffering going on in this world, wanted to tell the story of how 2 million people died in modern-day history.

Jolie's love for the country

Cambodia is a special place for Jolie and she said to the BBC interviewer that it is a country that she could never give back all that it has given her. She first visited Cambodia when making her movie "Laura Croft." This is also the country where her adopted son Maddox hails from.

Something missing

When the BBC caught up with her, she was there with her six children. While the family has always been close and Jolie and Pitt often took their brood with them on movie locations, the pictures coming out of this trip had the patriarch of the family missing. That is one of the first thing to jump out of the photos, Brad Pitt is missing from the family photos.

Jolie breaks down

As far as the Jolie and Pitt divorce, she did say that it has been a "very difficult" time. She also realizes that many people "find themselves in this situation," and it is not easy for the entire family. To keep going she has to focus on the kids, said Jolie.

Then Jolie offered up some personal information on how she is coping through all of this.

She said she is holding on to the thought that "we are and forever will be a family and so that is how I am coping." She is attempting to find her way through by hoping that this "somehow makes us stronger and closer."

Still not ready to let Brad go?

It doesn't sound as if Jolie has thrown Pitt to the curb and never looking back, as many of the tabloid reports suggest.

It sounds as if she is not willing to let him completely go. Of course the six kids will always be Brad's kids as well, but Jolie didn't sound as if she was just talking about the kids in her interview. It sounds like she is coming to grips with the split by hoping to find a way to keep Brad close to her as family.