General Hospital” spoilers say that Olivia Jerome from “GH” will finally meet her little half-sister Ava soon, and the results will be explosive. Brother Julian is trapped between the two. One sister he loves and the other he fears. Julian has been ordered to shut down “GH” for Olivia and all hell will break loose when he can’t.

Jerome vs. Jerome

Ava has been hauled into the PCPD based on photos Jason gave the cops. We know Jordan and her crew of losers couldn’t crack the bomb case without outside help. Julian shows up and Jordan tells him they have evidence that clears Sonny and implicates his sister in Morgan’s car bomb death.

Julian will be shown the pics of him talking to a blonde woman and hears the recording of him saying he’s “tired of being scared” of his sister. Julian realizes the PCPD has again dropped the ball and rounded up Ava, assuming she’s the sister he was talking to, but she’s not. What will Julian do?

Julian makes 'Sophie’s Choice'

Julian doesn’t want Ava to go down for the bombing, but what can he do? Olivia has grown close to Alexis as her fake AA sponsor and is rooting around “GH” for info on Sam’s pregnancy. Julian is terrified of what she’ll do to his ex-wife and kids, so he may have to sacrifice Ava to save them.

The new “General Hospital” video promo (see below) of action coming for Monday, February 13 shows Julian and Liv bickering after he comes to see her when he’s done at the PCPD. She already knew he was there because Liv is having him followed 24/7. Then the fight turns ugly.

Olivia attacks Julian

After Julian reveals that the cops have pics of the two of them together and a recording of him saying his sister set the bomb, Olivia goes off on him and slaps him hard across the face.

Julian is more frightened of his sister by the moment. He’s always known she was insane but this is next level. Olivia is a violent loose cannon that’s aimed at his loved ones. Tonja Walker has another month of appearances on GH and has leaked info about a possible return. But first Olivia meets little sister Ava – and that interaction should be explosive.

GH airs weekdays on ABC – and fans continue to worry about Kirsten Storms uber-skinny appearance – plus, “General Hospital” spoilers say Sonny confronts Nelle next week after her bra turns up in his bed.