Greg Berlanti, executive producer of “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” and “Legends of tomorrow,” is attempting to add a fifth show to the creative team's repertoire with the new addition of “Black Lightning.” He announced that the potential new CW show, set to begin production in March, has finally found their leading man.

Cress Williams is back again

Cress Williams, from CW's romantic heart drama “Hart of Dixie,” is slated to play Jefferson Pierce in the newest show from the DC and CW partnership. The announcement is big news, as it means that the show is finally cementing some details for the start of production in March.

The main story

“Black Lightning” will center around DC Comics superhero Jefferson Pierce, who can generate and control lightning with his hands. Pierce has retired from his life of crime fighting years ago in the story, but he is pulled back into the life after one of his two daughters begins to fight crime. Jefferson's daughters Jennifer and Anissa will both play a large role in the events of the show, along with Jefferson's ex-wife Lynn.

A new hero

Jefferson Pierce is also a former three-time decathlon winner, who now serves as the principal of a high school in the famous South Central Los Angeles. He is a father figure to his students and a hero to the local community from his actions as Black Lightning.

A teenager with a wild streak

Jennifer Pierce is the youngest daughter of Jefferson and Lynn. She is a teenager at the high school where her father is the principal, and she is a scholar athlete. Jennifer is penned as being an independent girl with a wild streak and feminist viewpoints.

A medical student

Anissa Pierce is the oldest daughter of the Pierce family at twenty-two years old.

She is passionate, quick-witted, intelligent, and has a large amount of respect for her father. Anissa is a medical school student and a part time teacher at the South Central High School where Jefferson works.

The ex-wife

Lynn Pierce is a confident woman with great emotional depth. She is an intelligent, flirtatious woman with a mischievous side.

Lynn is set to be a series regular, just like her daughters as well, so expect to see a lot of them gravitating around Jefferson's world.

Fox dropped the ball

“Black Lightning” initially received a pilot commitment with Fox, before being dropped from their line-up and shipped over to the CW. With CW picking up the show, and the same creative team being behind it, “Black Lightning” could potentially be a new show for Berlanti's other shows to crossover with as well.

Crossover potential?

Imagine seeing the cast of “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” all pop up in a big crossover with “Black Lightning.” Moreover, with Jefferson Pierce being already established as a hero in the events of “Black Lightning,” and CW's multi-verse growing every day, it would be interesting to see if Jefferson's world is on the same Earth as shows like “The Flash” and “Arrow” or if his Earth is an entirely new dimension entirely similar to the explanation of Supergirl's arrival. Either way, expect to hear more about the show in the coming months as production ramps up and casting continues.