Star Trek: Discovery is set to be the first and the biggest, live action television show for the universe since “Star Trek: Enterprise” which concluded in 2005. The first official trailer and brand new photos of the new television show were released yesterday, along with a brand new poster to promote the new property. Sonequa Martin-Green, known recently for her role as Sasha Williams on the hit television show “The Walking Dead,” is slated to star in the show as Discovery first officer Michael Burnham. Number One is Burnham's nickname in the new show, which has frequently become referenced in multiple television projects over the years since the days of Patrick Stewart on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” However, Burnham is set to be the first main character of a 'Star Trek' show that does not command the main ship or station featured in the show.

Instead, Captain Lorca of the starship Discovery will be played by Jason Isaacs who is known for his most recent role as the antagonist in the hit Netflix television show “The OA.”

Number One, make it so

The new photos of “Star Trek: Discovery” are a welcomed addition to the promotional materials out for the show, which has been delayed two separate times. The show was first delayed after Producer Bryan Fuller backed out of the project due to scheduling issues, and then the show was delayed again from a May 2017 debut to compensate for series star Sonequa Martin-Green's schedule with her previous commitments on “The Walking Dead.” Martin-Green's character will be the main character of the series and the show will follow her character in her character's ascension to command.

A prequel to the original series

Not a lot is known about “Star Trek: Discovery” at this time, except for the basic plot and who is involved in the principal cast. “Star Trek: Discovery” is set ten years before the events of the new movies and the original show which featured classic characters like Captain Kirk and Spock. The show will feature James Frain, known recently for his villainous role on “Gotham,” as Sarek.

Astute fans will recognize the name of Sarek, who has been portrayed in live-action multiple times before as the Vulcan father of the famous Spock. Sarek has apparently raised Martin-Green's characters since she was a child, which will make for some compelling flashbacks.

Watch out for this ship, Klingons

Star Trek: Discovery” will also feature a brand new alien with Lieutenant Saru who is most known for his famous role in “Hellboy” as Abe Sapien.

Fans get their first peek of the new alien in the new trailer, which also shows Hong Kong legend Michelle Yeoh, known for a small role in the recent box office hit “Guardians of The Galaxy 2,” as Captain Georgiou who will function as a mentor to Martin-Green's character. Captain Georgiou will also be the captain of a different ship called the Shenzhou in the show.

Release date is still pending

Star Trek: Discovery” is set to be a monumental undertaking that aims to capture the excitement of the new film franchise, while also balancing that excitement with lore and story from the original series. “Star Trek: Discovery” does not have a premiere date at this time, after being pushed back from a May premiere date, and will arrive on the small screens on CBS some time in late summer or early fall.