Tonight during the 2017 Oscars something shocking happened as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway read out the wrong name as the winner for Best Picture. All that he had to was read the winner and he said that it was "La La Land," but that wasn't the right winner. It turns out that "Moonlight" actually won the Oscar for Best Picture. They showed off huge clips from all of the movies nominated and then it was time for the winner to be revealed.

What went down tonight on the Oscars?

"La La Land" and "Moonlight" were both huge flicks this year, so the idea of either one of them winning was not surprising.

Warren read that the Academy Award for Best Picture went to "La La Land." They were nominated for 14 different Oscars this year. When it was time to read the winner off, Faye Dunaway said that "La La Land" was the big winner and they all came on stage ready to accept their award.

They were really excited about the win and were up there accepting their award. The entire speech was pretty much done before they realized that "La La Land" was not the winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture. Someone rushed out on the stage to tell them what was really going on. It was obvious that everyone was shocked to hear it all. You could tell that something was going on, but nobody really knew what at the time.

The one guy said, "we lost by the way."

It turns out that "Moonlight" won best picture. They had to explain that it was not a joke at all and that the wrong thing was read. When they showed off the paper in the envelope, it only says "Moonlight" so it is a bit confusing on how this mistake could have ever been made. Warren came back out and said that it said Emma Stone "La La Land" and so he was confused.

This was just like when Steve Harvey read the wrong winner. This all went down tonight on live television so it was pretty shocking to watch it happen.

Were you shocked to hear Warren Beatty read off the wrong winner tonight at the Oscars? What do you think happened to confuse him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.