It was a sad day for Hollywood’s Magic Castle. It was built in 1908 and is an exclusive nightclub for magicians. The body of Daryl Easton was discovered on its premises in Los Angeles, CA., on Friday.

As per preliminary reports, the body was in a closet on the grounds of the castle. He was in his underwear, and there was a bag over his head. Paramedics who were summoned to the spot pronounced him dead at the scene. Los Angeles Police Department feel it to be a case of suicide, but the Los Angeles County coroner said that the cause of death has to be investigated.

The death was certainly not a natural one, and many questions arise that would need convincing answers before one can assign the cause.

Daryl Easton’s link with Magic

The nightclub is located in Hollywood and, apart from being one that is frequented by the community of magicians, it is also the headquarters of the Academy of Magical Arts.

Daryl Easton was a regular there. In the most recent post on his Facebook page on February 18, he dropped a hint that he would be visiting it the next day and gave an impression that he would stay there for a week. But, he never intended to leave the castle alive, if the suicide theory is true.

Incidentally, Daryl Easton was not his original name. He was born as Daryl Martinez and, by virtue of his tricks, came to be known as ‘The Magician’s Magician.’ Some of his creations were unique ones, and he specialized in card tricks, close-up, and parlor magic.

Magic Castle mourn his death

Magicians live in a world of their own which is usually one of make believe. Their tricks and sleight of handhold the audience spellbound and the magician loves the applause. He is a master of the art of hypnotism and mesmerizes his audience to jump to his tunes. There have been great magicians like Houdini who is held in high esteem even today.

However, Daryl Easton may not have been as effective as Houdini, but the Academy of Magic Arts (AMA) and the Magic Castle mourned his passing away. It was closed briefly in his memory but was later re-opened.