Mass Effect Andromeda,” developed by Bioware, has always had a history of providing stellar voice actors to compliment the beautiful art of their previous games. Big names such as Seth Green or Tricia Helfer have voiced key characters in previous games, but the newest installment in the series attempting to repeat history.

Behind the scenes of 'Mass Effect Andromeda'

“Mass Effect Andromeda,” in a new behind-the-scenes video to promote the game, released a slew of new casting information that was revealed from publisher Electronic Arts. The latest actor announced from the cast of the new game is Natalie Dormer from the hit television show Game of Throneson HBO.

Dormer is famously known as Queen Margery Tyrell from the show, but she will be voicing a different kind of character in Mass Effect Andromeda.”

Natalie Dormer will play a large role!

Natalie Dormer plays Dr. Lexi T'Perro, an asari doctor that serves on board the ship known as the Tempest. Players will use the Tempest to explore the Andromeda galaxy with Dr. T'Perro being available as a companion. Dormer's character will play a large role in the storyline as well since she is the first character that your character meets after waking up from stasis.

Bioware does it again

Mac Walters, Bioware's Creative Director, says: "Having Lexi almost 'wake you up' from your 600-year sleep and being that first friendly face that you meet, there's a sense that when you arrive in Andromeda it's almost like being reborn into that galaxy, waking up and imprinting on the first person you see.

It was very important that we treat that character in a way that you would find some interest in them but also some compassion."

Characters continue their lives

Mass Effect” has always had sub-plots, side missions, and romance storylines to distract the player. However, the non-playable characters in “Mass Effect Andromeda” continue with their lives, even when the player is not around.

Characters that feel real!

Walters continues: "One of the things we've tried to push on Andromeda [is to] create characters who feel like their lives are going on even when the player wasn't around, and so you'll notice that with Lexi she's sort of got a rivalry with one of the other characters, PeeBee. But if you look closely too, she's also maybe got a little bit of a crush on our Krogan, and this carries on even when you're not there."

'Game of Thrones' party in the Andromeda galaxy!

Natalie Dormer is not the only “Game of Thrones” alumni to be cast in the game.

Gethin Anthony, who played Renly Baratheon the lover of Margery Tyrell's secretly gay brother, will also be voicing a character in “Mass Effect Andromeda.” Anthony will play a gay love interest for the player in Andromeda.

Liara? Is that you?

Liara T'Soni has been rumored to make an appearance in the game as well, but that is still unconfirmed. Her age would line up right, so she could viably be in the game to provide anecdotes and old war stories about the protagonist from the first trio of Mass Effect games.

We demand more casting details!

Mass Effect Andromeda” has a star-studded cast with stellar graphics and a riveting new story-line. As the release date draws closer, expect more casting reveals. The game will release on March 28 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.