The "X-Men" movies are at an interesting point in their lifeline. There have been two trilogies released from the team of mutant superheroes as well as a few X-Men spin-off movies with Wolverine in the lead and one with Deadpool. Now, it appears there might be another X-Men movie coming with a whole slew of spin-offs.

With "Gambit," a second "Deadpool" movie, and the upcoming "X-Force" on the way, as well as the popular TV series "Legion," the X-Men world is exploding. Simon Kinberg, the producer of "Logan," said that he has his eyes on two more X-Men properties -- Alpha Flight and Exiles.

Alpha Flight and the X-Men

Alpha Flight shares an interesting connection to the Marvel mutants. The first ever appearance of Wolverine in the comic book world came in the pages of "The Incredible Hulk" when he was sent out to capture The Hulk to protect the nation of Canada when Hulk crossed the border. Wolverine was part of a group called Weapon-X and he answered to his team leader Guardian. That man, Guardian, formed his own team under the watch of the Canadian government called Alpha Flight. It included Sasquatch, Puck, Snowbird, Shaman, and the twins Aurora and Northstar. There were other members over the years, including Guardian's wife Heather taking over his role after his death.The best thing about Alpha Flight is that they have an immediate tie-in to the X-Men world through Wolverine.

Exiles and the X-Men

Exiles is a lesser known Marvel Comics property. They are characters who come from different dimensions who formed a team to help correct problems in alternate worlds. One way this could tie into the current X-Men movie universe is through the "Days of Future Past" movie, which actually introduced the idea of parallel Earths where different decisions changed the course of that world.

The most popular member of this group was Beast, who has been played by both Kelsey Grammar (the original trilogy) and Nicholas Hoult (the second trilogy) in the films.

Other X-Men movies coming

Of course, these will join a huge slate of future spin-off movies. Channing Tatum is still attached to star in "Gambit." Ryan Reynolds will both return for "Deadpool 2" and help write "X-Force" which is part of the Deadpool world.

There is a "New Mutants" movie coming directed by "Fault in Our Stars" director Josh Boone.

There is also a new movie in the main franchise that might focus on the Dark Phoenix story again. If this says anything, X-Men fans will have lots to enjoy over the next few years.