"Bates Motel" spoilers are in, and it looks like America's favorite mental patient may die in the series finale. According to Norman Bates' Instagram page, there was a for sale sign on the Bates Motel sign on the set. It led to the fans freaking out at the possibility that something horrific happened to Norman.

Norman is in real trouble going into Season 5

At the end of "Bates Motel" Season 4, Norman managed to convince the police that he was not the reason that his mother, Norma died. He convinced them that it was a horrible accident and since he was 18 they allowed him to live alone.

Once their investigation was over, Norman went to her grave, dug his dead mother up, and glued her eyes open.

To wrap up the series, Norman will have to be under some type of scrutiny. As a boy, he killed his father. Later, Norman killed Ms. Watson, Bradley, and Emma's mother. He may have killed others, but these are the ones we know for certain.

Courthouse and grave digging pictures surfaced

Several courthouse photos were posted on social media. It jumped to the conclusion that either Norman will have to answer to murder charges or it is related to Alex's perjury nonsense.

Either scenario is not good because we need Alex to make sure Norman pays for his crimes and gets the treatment he so desperately needs.

Another picture that made its way to social media was a body being dug up at the cemetery.

Is it possible that someone dug up Norma's grave to see if Norman stole her body? We'll have to wait until February 20 to find out.

Norman dies?

The "Bates Motel" fans are freaking out at the possibility that Norman could die in the series finale. A long-standing rumor claims that Sheriff Romero accidentally kills him in a scuffle.

Apparently, the report claims that Alex just wanted Norman to admit his crimes so he could get him the help that he needs. We all know Norman won't agree to anything, because he thinks "Mother" killed Ms. Watson, Bradley, and Emma's mother. There is no confirmation if this scoop is true or not.

"Bates Motel" fans, do you think Norman will die in the Season 5 series finale?

"Bates Motel" opens again on February 20.