Recently, Extra TV, dropped this new video interview (below) with crazy Chad Johnson, who appeared on both the "Bachelorette 2016" and "Bachelor In Paradise 2016" editions. If you'll recall, he literally drove JoJo Fletcher and her group of men crazy during her season. Then he stepped up his mad shenanigans on the "Bachelor in Paradise." Well, as previously reported, he's confirmed to be back for more craziness on the "Bachelor in Paradise 2017." If that weren't enough, he revealed in this new video that he's already been hitting up current "Bachelor 2017" contestant, Corinne Olympios (left), with a few text messages.

At one point, he said that he definitely finds her attractive and is interested.

Cut down on the drinking

Apparently, Chad has claimed to have turned over a new leaf, if you will. He says that, this time around, he's going to tone things down a bit, saying that he doesn't drink that much anymore. He still plans on offending people, but just not super-offending them. During his messaging with Corinne, he revealed that he was actually giving her some advice on how to deal with all the crazy fan backlash that she's been getting. So, it sounds like these two might be able to get something started up. Who knows?

No super bad words

Again, the old Chad will not be completely gone as he stated that if he has to steal a girl, he will.

He just won't be delivering the more outrageous things he did. He's going to still say some middle-ground bad words as he calls it, but he won't say any super bad words. He went on to say that he's older now, and makes better decisions. He's cut back on the drinking.

He's not a villain in real life

He also claimed that he's not a villain in real life, and doesn't want to be with one in real life.

Then he went on to elaborate a little more on what his criteria is. The clip capped off with Chad, telling us what he likes most about Corinne's personality, stating that she's funny and doesn't care what people think. Check it out, below, and stay tuned. "Bachelor In Paradise 2017" is scheduled to debut later on this Summer.