Alright, so it's another week, which means it's time for another episode spoiler dishing session. And we've got one for you for the upcoming "Supernatural" episode 14 of season 12, courtesy of the wonderful CW folks. They kept their press release pretty small for this one, giving us only one storyline scoop. However, it is one hell of a scoop, because we're going to be seeing major problems arise for Mary and the British Men of Letters when their plan to take out a vampire nest, gets a big wrench thrown in it by some alpha vampire, and more!

It's "The Raid"

Their press release also let us know that they decided to call this installment: "The Raid," which just screams, intensity, doesn't it? I think it does. Anyways, according to their official synopsis description, we're going to see the British Men of Letters and Mary get presented with an opportunity to really go off on a nest of freaking vampires that they've found. And they will ,apparently, cook up some sort of plan to carry out this mission.

It backfires

However, when they try to execute this new plan, they tell us that the whole damn thing is going to totally backfire on them, but not because the plan wasn't solid or anything like that. It's because some freaking alpha vampire ,as they call it, is going to make its way onto the scene to turn the tables on them!

They didn't give any details about how this alpha vampire will throw a wrench into their plans, so it looks like we'll have to wait for this thing to actually air to see how all that good stuff plays out. However, we might see something in the new promo/spoiler clip that we're expecting The CW to release, tonight, after episode 14 wraps up.

They try to get Dean and Sam

Anyways, lastly, we've got one, tiny extra scoop. Mary and the Men of Letters are going to do everything possible to try and get Dean and Sam onboard to help them out with their crazy vampire problem. Will Dean and Sam agree to help out? Or will they just leave them hanging? If they do decide to help, will they be able to get the job done against this wicked alpha vamp.

These are some very important questions for this crazy situation. It should deliver up some very intense scenes. That's for sure.

This episode was written by Robert Berens, and they got John MacCarthy to do the directing. Also, we can confirm that episode 15 is due out next Thursday night, March 2nd,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.