Over the last forty years, dozens of young girls have played the part of Annie in the musical named after the little orphan girl in the red dress. The Actresses who played the part of the main character came together in the same room for the first time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Annie." Some of the actresses have grown up since they danced and sang in the production either on stage or in the movie adaptations.

All the actresses who gathered for the celebration have a very special bond. They came together to celebrate the musical and to discuss how being Annie impacted their acting career.

While the actresses were together, they sang “It’s A Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow.” They were two songs they all knew very well.

The actresses

Most people don't know that "Annie" actually originated as a cartoon in 1924. Also, there was a radio show of "Annie" that ran from 1931 until 1942. Not all the actresses were in the production on Broadway. Dozens of actresses performed in various other areas. Some actresses were in the movies, on the radio, and on traveling tours.

Broadway Annies

Five actresses played the part of Annie during the six-year run of the original Broadway show from 1977 to 1983 that won seven Tony Awards. The Broadway Annies were in this order: Andrea McArdle, Shelley Bruce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Smith and Alyson Kirk.

The five original Broadway Annies have a reunion scheduled in April.

Brittny Kissinger starred in the 1997 revival, and Lilla Crawford is the seventh actress to had the role. Lilla Crawford starred as Annie from 2012-2013. She began alternating with Taylor Richardson and Sadie Sink. The Broadway show closed in January 2014.

National tour actresses

There were many young girls who played the part of Annie during national tours. Theda Stemler Blackwood and Mary K. Lombardi played Annie in the first national tour and others followed. Madison Kurtz toured as Annie for two years and closed the 30th anniversary tour of "Annie."


Actresses also starred in the movie version of "Annie." They include Pepper and Aileen Quinn who played Annie in the 1982 movie and Alicia Morton in the 1999 Disney film version.

Quvenzhané Wallis is the most recent actress to play the part of Annie in the 2014 remake.

Needless to say, there have been many Annies over the last four decades on Broadway as well as on the radio, in the movies, and on national tours.