When you think of villains from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," Chad Johnson and Corinne Olympios are both names that come to mind. Chad has already confirmed he will be back for the next season of "Bachelor In Paradise" and there is a lot of speculation that Corinne will be on there as well. Now, Chad is confirming that he has actually been talking to Corinne.

What is going on with Corinne and Chad?

ET's Lauren Zima talked to Chad on Facebook Live and found out a few details from him about how things have been going. Chad actually said that he is "interested" in Corinne and has already been texting her.

They haven't actually met each other, but have just been talking in text. It hasn't been officially revealed that Corinne isn't the one who wins Nick Vialls' heart, though.

Chad Johnson did say that he doesn't know what Corinne is like besides in text and of course watching her on the show, but he is "interested." You know that these two together could be pretty wild. Chad felt like since she is considered a villain she is probably going through all of this watching the show on her own. He wanted to be there for her and offer some support during this time.

Chad did say that at first it was hard on Corinne, but she is doing well now and Chad says she doesn't care what anyone thinks. He doesn't always watch the show, but Corinne is part of the reason that he did watch some.

Chad said, "To be honest, when I watch the show, I don't watch it. It's super boring. I hated watching it. The only reason I wanted to watch it is to see what chicks I want to date."

Chad Johnson also shared that he has only drank twice this year. He doesn't want to get black out drunk and while on "Bachelor in Paradise" he wants to go on a few dates and really doesn't want to yell at Chris Harrison.

Hopefully, everyone will see a different Chad this time around.

Are you shocked to hear that Chad Johnson and Corinne Olympios have been chatting with each other? Do you think that they would be a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC.