Tonight "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" had Ryan Murphy as a guest. Now, Andy is known for doing fun and candid interviews. He has viewers calling in as well, so guests can be asked just about anything. As we all remember, the theme for season 6 was a tight secret. There were too many trailers released that all led to different themes. The executives behind the show surprised fans with the Roanoke Nightmare and having it tie-in to another season. We have been told to expect more ties between seasons as they unfold.

Was the ship really a clue?

Viewers have tossed out ideas for possible themes for the 7th season, and it always comes back to the final episode of season 6. The ship. The ship seen in the last few minutes of the show was seen as a possible bread crumb to follow. The thing is, true "American Horror Story" fans know to ignore the bread crumbs and grab the popcorn while you wait until they want you to know. Tonight was the night they wanted us to know, and Ryan Murphy put all the speculation to rest.

And the season 7 theme is...

During the interview, Andy asked Murphy (the creator of "American Horror Story") if he had any information about the show to share. He said that the filming will begin in June and it will be about the presidential election that we just went through.

Andy looked shocked to have actually gotten such big news so casually.

There was no mention of any cast members that may have already signed on for the election theme, but can't you just see Sarah Paulson as Hillary Clinton? Ryan gave no clues as to how close season 7 will be to our actual election and the real controversies it had.

There was also no mention of a tie-in with a character from a previous theme, but with politics, a connection could easily be made.

There are a million questions viewers will have about the upcoming season now that we know the theme. Fans of the show wait anxiously every year for the details of the world they will be tuning into each week. As information is released, we will update you here at Blasting News.