Mama June Shannon is looking hot and ready to show off her new weight loss. Now her daughter Alana, AKA Honey Boo Boo, is sharing how her momma had to do a few crazy things to keep the world from seeing her weight loss. June's weight loss is supposed to be revealed on the show, and so she has been in hiding for a while now.

Disguises, staying inside and other ways of keeping a secret

Alana explained that her mom isn't someone who can just stay inside, but she had to do it. Instead of staying in all the time, June would go out and wear baggy clothes and disguises.

Alana teased that her mom has taken it too far a few times saying, "The craziest disguise that she’s done, she went out with this big jacket on, glasses, a hat, and a scarf. She went overboard." It sounds like it worked, though. No pictures were revealed of Mama June in a crazy costume like this so she must have been able to keep from getting caught.

One thing that Alana thinks is that her mom needs to find a man. Sugar Bear just got remarried and it sounds like June is still single. She did go on a date on the premiere of "Mama June: From Not to Hot." Things didn't go well as he ended up leaving during their date. He didn't even tell Mama June that he was going to go. Her daughter Lauryn shared that she still thinks that June needs to learn to love herself before she can love a man.

It may take a bit for her to find the perfect guy.

Right now, June's new show is just revealing what she is doing to lose the weight and what she went through. So far, they are not showing off her big reveal. It looks like this isn't even going to end up showing until the end of the season. Viewers would love to see it, but they are going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

Are you shocked that Mama June Shannon was able to keep her weight loss a secret? Did you see the one photo of her that is out? It shows Mama June from a distance, but you can't see exactly how great she looks now. Don't miss watching her on Friday nights on "Mama June: From Not to Hot" on WE.