Fans of "American Horror Story" are elated to know what the theme for season 7 is. Ryan Murphy's announcement on "Look What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen surprised many fans after how secretive season 6 was. In case you missed it, he said the next season will be about the election we just went through.

Politics have been the main story since Fall 2015. The race for the presidency dominated the headlines. The more narrow the candidate list got, the more vicious the battle between those candidates was. And then there were two among the reporting of the Russian crisis as well as the "fake news".

Ryan Murphy could make two seasons of the election and the aftermath.

Who wants to play Hillary?

There is now a lot of speculation of who will play what role. Of course, Sarah Paulson comes to mind as Hillary. She would do a lot of justice to the role. But could it be that there is someone else already gearing up for the role?

Naomi Grossman is no stranger to the "American Horror Story" set. She played Pepper in both the Asylum and in Freak Show. Underneath all that makeup to prepare for the role is a very beautiful woman. Naomi used her Twitter page to let everyone know she has her pantsuits ready to go. She linked back to a Deadline article about the news of the theme. Her Halloween costume was pictured as well - when she dressed up as none other than Hillary Clinton.

Plenty for fans to ponder.

As for who is in the running to be Trump, no serious rumors have emerged yet. With "American Horror Story" veterans like Finn Wittrock and Dylan McDermott it won't be hard to find a leading man.

Of course, fans of "AHS" know better than to get too comfortable with the information they have. The wondering if it is a play on words on Ryan Murphy's part has hit social media.

For the answer to this one, we will have to wait and see.

As we get confirmation of who signs on for season 7 and in what role, we will report it here on Blasting News. Filming is set to begin in June so casting should begin soon.